Join the Decorations Committee and help us transform LGHS into a night of life-long memories!

We will be transforming Los Gatos High School into party central for our seniors and we need a lot of help to make this a night they won’t forget!

Chair: Carole Rogers

There are three ways you can be involved:

1) Sub Committee

Passionate about the spa?  Ideas for how to spruce up the food areas or have a vision for the fire pit?  Sign up for a subcommittee role.  While there is a central overall theme, your inner creative child can still come out to play.  The grads will love it!

Interior Decor Subcommittees:

  • Casino Decor: 
  • Entry Way (checkin) and Lobby Decor: 
  • Inside Stage Decor:  
  • Lounge: 
  • Spa: 
  • Photo Booth Decor:  
  • Bathrooms Decor
  • Mystics: 
  • Massage: 
  • Food Areas: 

2) Decor Workshops

Why not attend one of our decoration parties/workshops? No skills are required, just a willingness to cut, glue, apply and build. The more volunteers we have, the easier the job will be. We have great ideas and will supply all materials. We just need you and your energy.  We will meet on campus at The Venue (next to the Tennis Courts and Cub Scouts) from 9am - 1pm and hope you can join us on any (or all) of the following dates:

  • Saturday, May 12
  • Saturday, May 19
  • Saturday, May 26

3) Work Week

After spending a few months creating props, sets and other fun decor, the next job is to put it all together onsite!  Setup begins June 1st and runs through June 8. 


Please contact Carole Rogers